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About Us

We've recognized the potential and we are committed to make an impact.

As pet owners and proven pet lovers, we also want to give the best for our fur-babies.
Our goal is to gain the trust and form strong relationship with all of the pet owners
across the nation. We can achieve this by:

- Confidently providing awesome service and individualized understanding of every
fur-parent's needs for their fur-babies.
- Continuous and innovative research.
- Careful product selection.
- Providing a great range of high quality pet products at amazing prices.
- Making customer satisfaction our motivation.

To offer the best online shopping experience, we've optimized our simple yet user-centric website. This way, you can spend more time with your beloved family including your fur-babies.

Thank you for choosing PetPro.

Petpro Values


Customer First

We treat pet lovers like king and queen. It is all about creating value. Delivering great customer experience and we will make sure that you'll come back for more.


We consider creativity and innovation as our sure path to success. Thinking outside the box and bringing in fresh ideas will ensure that we provide our customers the best product experience ever.


It is our common language. Our baseline for our reputation. We are committed to never sacrifice quality with profits. Hence, we ensure that the products you receive is of high quality standards right at the first time.


Our Team



Young and vibrant pet lover, traveler, and art enthusiast. His elegance in marketing and admirable pet product knowledge make him an Awesome PetPro Partner!  



Do you wish you could bring your furbabies to work? We offer a great family oriented environment bound by a passion for pets.  





"Great service from staff who knows exactly what you need for your pets." - Bong Ablay

"Excellent service! mabait din yung nagdeliver, thankyou sa free delivery! more power godbless." - Jack Magno

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